Thursday, 2 August 2007

Super Fainder Land

Ho appena scritto una descrizione su DeviantART e non ho voglia di riscriverla, quindi copioincollo >_>

[Versione grande qui]

This is because I love walking around with platform games BG music X3 (and yes, I AM easily amused), so I had the idea for this while walking my dog tonight
(The title is a spoof on Super Mario Land, a game boy game I LOVE and today Elisa sent me her copy of Super Mario Land 2 to play with <3>
The Fainder logo is +1 life, chicks restore HPs (martens eat chicks), the iPod is some power up (tought I'd put it in since it's through it I got this idea). I wanted to do some enemy too, but I was completely out of ideas on what could be my enemy :(
For the BG I was in doubt whether to do my house surroundings or a Milan-like city, I mixed them and did a park, the statue is a real monument in Milan (I intended to do a layer with houses behind the trees but I was getting tired >_>)
Time is today's date, 9 lives like a cat, score... guess what score is X3 I leave nothing to random :P


Mike said...

Ti fa male l'aria di casa, MA LA TAAAAA! XD

Artemisio said...

non ho parole <3
è quasi commovente XD cmq voglio capire cos'è lo score. è_é

Fainder said...

ma sono sgamatissima, se lo cerchi in google lo trovi subito XD

fedeWES said...

guarda non ho letto tutta la descrizione, ma posso solo dire: scrolli. xò è geniale XD